Best Military Terrain Model Kit (TMK)

All TMKs are not made equal! There are many different kinds but if you're here you already know that are looking for a good one. You also know what a Sand Table Kit is and how it is used so we'll skip that and get right to it. 

  not the same 

Top TMKs on the Market

The BEST QUALITY TMK you can buy is the Platoon or Company TMK made by My Leader Source.



- These TMKs are great, they have plastic pieces and cover all the basics.

- They come with instructions for some missions and teaching classes. 

- Field markers and twine included.


- Super Expensive.

- Not extremely light weight or compact so not exactly ideal for Ranger or Sapper School or patrolling missions in the field. It will take up some space in you ruck.

- Not always in stock.


The BEST VALUE TMK on the market is the Terrain Model Kit 1.0 by LETHALIFE Tactical. 

- Great price.
- Made on Rite in the Rain card stock (much better than laminated paper) so it is not only weatherproof but also able to be written on.
- Includes a legend.
- included the most yarn/string of any TMK, even sufficient for making grid lines on the terrain model.
- Extremely light weight and compact.
- May not last as long as the plastic TMKs.
- Does not have all the bells and whistles (like toy figurines, but those can make you look like a spot light ranger anyway)

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