The LETHALIFE Tactical Combat Knife

The LETHALIFE Tactical Combat Knife is now available with a discount code.


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Knife Details

This knife is one of the best full tang blades at its price point, as well as one of the best tactical knifes. 

It comes with a Kydex sheath which can be attached to a belt or molle straps.

The handle is made of high strength fiberglass resin laminate and the blade is more than an eight inch thick on the back.

The LETHALIFE knife is perfect as a hunting knife, camping knife, knife throwing, military knife, and even self defense. 


Stay sharp, stay lethal, no matter what MOS you are the tip of the countries' spear!

And please remember to give it a review on Amazon once you receive it. This helps our small veteran business the most!


The LETHALIFE Tactical Team

One God, One Country!

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